Thursday, July 3, 2008

chicken soup for the... vegan soul

you've heard of these books am i right? chicken soup for the dog lover's soul...for the pre-teen soul...for the american idol soul. no joke. these are all real titles. and there are hundreds more that exist in our world today.
but why chicken soup? i'm not sure that would be my choice of sustenance to put on the cover of a book. chicken soup makes me think of being sick and not being able to keep down any solid food so this yellowish chunky nourishment becomes the last resort. why not apple pie for the soul or vanilla latte for the soul. those sound much more appealing to me. but perhaps i'm missing the point of these fairly popular books, i'm just saying that i would have gone about it differently.

my other question is why so many? i mean really, how does the ocean lover's edition differ from the beach lover's? and why is there a woman golfer's soul and a golfer's soul but not a man golfer's soul? and i'm convinced that right at this very moment somewhere, someone is creating yet a new chicken soup book. but perhaps this one will be dedicated to all of those trapeze swinger's souls. who knows. your guess is as good as mine. i'm pretty sure any title is possible except for maybe chicken soup for the vegan or vegetarian soul. that would be a bit contradicting.

..just a thought on a late thursday night

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

good mo(u)rning sun

yesterday morning i practically jolted out of my slumber due to the crazy bright sun coming through my ever-opened window above my head. a quick glance at the clock told me it was way too early to have my eyes open (6am) and when i finally pulled my lazy body from my twisted sheets to turn around and give the sun a proper good morning i silently scolded myself for not doing so earlier. the rising sun was straight at eye level as i gazed through my 2nd story window and i knew i had probably missed the prettiest view, but nevertheless i saw it and it was beautiful. seemingly overnight, the portland skies had grown hazy and smoky because of the california fires and consequently the sun burned a blood red; the clouds around it attempting to emulate the same deep shade and actually coming quite close in parts. it was almost as if the sun was bleeding as it mourned for the life lost in the california flames. it's crazy to think that the fires affected areas so far north. but what was devestating hundreds of miles away, positively affected things here and created something so beautiful in portland, right outside of my window, almost as if it were just for me to enjoy. and those people directly or indirectly harmed by the fire will never know how much beauty came from their pain. my delight in seeing the sun such a unique color was in no way worth the devestation caused by the fires, but pretty cool to see some sort of redemption.

..check out the tiny lady bug hiding in the flowers, no
doubt basking in the beauty