Sunday, September 28, 2008

...if not for perspective

ok so i'm one of those people who likes things more for the packaging they come in. my favorite packages are the ones with little sayings or quotes. i can't get enough of them. dove chocolates, starbucks cups, good earth tea bags. they're great. i love them all. and i find myself eating more doves or getting another starbucks just for the sake of reading the saying and hoping that the one i get will be one that i have never read. it's kind of ridiculous how much i love reading these sayings for the first time. i mean maybe it's because i'm curious as to what could be good enough to make the cut to end up on this fine piece of packaging. or perhaps i am in search of a motto to live by...either way, it's an addiction and keeps me buying more, so props to the marketing companies.
the last good earth tea bag i drank read, "and why do we climb if not for perspective?" possibly one of my favorites thus far. and it got me thinking why do we do most things if not to see life from a new perspective? that quote could have easily said, and why do we paint/ travel/ listen/ run/ bike/etc if not for perspective? i feel like the times where life seems dull are the times when i am stuck looking at it out of the same old lens. i have to do something out of the ordinary and find another vantage point in order to enjoy the things around me.
so that's it then. my brain is stimulated by these simple little words. and with that i am off to drink a cup of tea. good earth of course. i wonder what that tiny piece of paper holds for me

Saturday, September 6, 2008


so i've been back in southern california for almost a month now and it's great. i love being back by the beach with close friends and being back at school...but i still find myself still missing so much about portland. it was only my home for a few months but i think that it will always feel like home to me. 
these are things that i miss most about portland..

choco chip/peanut butter nights with mar
hiking in the gorge
last thursday on alberta street
the view from my room
hood river
the waterfront
people biking
my roommates
stumptown coffee
sweet potato fries
my home community (the pearl)
mt tabor
farmers markets
trips to the coast
eastside p-town
sunday dinners
nw 23rd street
tea chai te
the max
imago people
my friends on sandy and 9th
the air up there
watching the planes land on the runway at night
the drive through the gorge

all of these things make me realize that i will definitely end up there someday...the question is when?