Monday, January 23, 2012


One of the main reasons I love circles is because it helps me realize that me and my worries are actually really small and that my life is only a tiny part of God’s story. It’s encouraging to hear both the positive and hard things going on in each of your lives because it’s a reminder that God is at work. That he is growing and leading each of us very uniquely and for his glory. And it looks different for each of us which allows us to see more clearly the character of God. Throughout the week I often get caught up in my own circumstances with work, friends and decisions to be made and it’s sometimes hard to see past my life. But on Sunday afternoons I am deeply encouraged that God has his hand in all of our lives and I feel so blessed to witness the ways in which he uses us.
So thanks for showing up week after week and speaking your mind and sharing what’s happening in your life because it’s a true testament to God’s power and love and care for us as his body.

Friday, January 6, 2012

So this is the new year...

It seems kind of silly but I am so excited for this new year, mostly for the newness of it and what I have to look forward to. There is so much hope and room for growth with the beginning of a new season and it inspires me to do something instead of watching the time pass on by as I sit comfortably on my couch. With the start of this new year, I kind of feel like I'm on the same page as everyone else, like I have some sort of bond with strangers that I pass by on a daily basis. Everyone has goals and ideas and expectations for what this year will hold and at this point it seems like nothing with come in between us and accomplishing out dreams. I know there will come a day when I will skip my daily Bible reading, or forget to write in my journal, but as of today (6 days in) I feel pretty confident about sticking to it. It's a season of hope and joy and decisions to live life differently. And I don't know what it is about the first week or two of January that make me feel like I can do anything but I wish that stayed with me year round.

I made quite a few goals this year (both big and small) and below is one of them, to plant the garden I've always wanted and actually eat the stuff that grows in it. So when you see me, ask me about my garden and maybe even invite yourself over to share in a meal of leafy greens or something seasoned with rosemary or basil. Here's to 2012 and setting out to accomplish the little things, and the big ones too. Cheers!